Prof. Nicola Strizzolo

nicola_strizzolo-associazione-analisti-emotusologiPhD, Researcher, aggregated Professor

Professional and academic profile
  • 2004-2008: RA Research Assistant. Researches topic on “Communicative processes in the distance learning”.
  • - 2005: PhD University of Studies of Udine. Title of dissertation: “Communicative processes in the distance learning”.
  • 2000-2006: Expert in the field (SPS/08) (“cultore della material”: academic Italian title), (Training Sciences Faculty), University of Triest
  • 2000: University degree in Science of Communication (Training Sciences Faculty, Università degli Studi di Trieste (marks 110 summa cum laude)
Research activities for the University of Studies of Udine:
  • Planning and coordination of WP1 Interreg IV Italy-Austria 2007-2013: New alliance to combat the consumption of alcohol as a tool for wellness- European project “The Researchers’ Night 2011”. Framework programe for Research and Technological Development
  • Coordinator and developer of the regional project “Organic Traditional WEB-TV” (2010-2012). Activities relating to research results dissemination
  • Planning of research activities and methodology relating to collection data information (local unit). PRIN 2004: The user and the role of negotiation in participatory technology
  • 2002-2004: Project activities related to Campus One CRUI for the development and dissemination of new information technologies, communication and distance learning
  • Research and Evaluation (2003) within the educational project “New Technological opportunities in employment” (sponsored by the Ministry of Labor and Social Providence)
Scientific referee
  • Abstract for XV and XVI International Conference on Interdisciplinary IPSAPA
  • Abstracts and papers for international conference of the Community Informatics Research Network: To measure or not to measure: that is the question, 2011, Prato
  • An article for the book of De Lillo, Onion, Ruspini (eds.), The sociologist, the mermaids and avatars. Qualitative research and new technologies, printed by Franco Angeli
  • A book about sociology of communication, printed by Franco Angeli
Participation in Collegiate Bodies and organizational activities
  • Member of Conference Committee of CIRN 2012 Community Informatics Conference: ‘Ideals meet Reality’. Monash Centre, Prato Italy 7-9 November 2012
  • Scientific Secretary for the National Congress “The phenomenon of drinking today and the sociology of health”, Trieste, 29-30 November 2011
  • Organizer of the conference ‘Old and new drugs in youth contexts. Emerging problems and possible solutions “in Udine December 12, 2009

Editorial Board for “Health and Society”, the series directed by Franco Angeli Constantino Cipolla
- Scientific Council for the International Laboratory for Communication Gemona
- Editorial committee of “In-training. Studies and research on youth, media and education. ” Journal of Falzea directed by Mario Morcellini and Teresa Grange
Reports presented at conferences and seminars
- Monash Centre November 9 to 11 (Prato), “Community Informatics Research Network, “To measure or not to measure: that is the question””. Paper: (Strizzolo N., and A. Bertolazzi Dattolo A.): “Methodological questions and new tools for Internet-based qualitative research”
- August 4th International Workshop of Communication – Gemona del Friuli, introduction and moderation of the seminar held by Derrick De Kerckhove and Giovanni Boccia Artieri: “100 Years of Marshall McLuhan”
- June 28 to 29, Open University of Catalonia, Barcelona: “International PR Conference in 2011”. Paper (Strizzolo N., M. Ianniello, P. Fedele): “Rigour, Relevance or what? Some Reflections on PR research paradigms and methods”
- January 21, University of Milano-Bicocca, “The Sociologist and the Sirens: new paradigms for social research”. Paper (Strizzolo N., A. Bertolazzi): “Drugs 2.0 Methodological problems and new research tools for qualitative research on the Internet”
Before 2011, international papers on the educational topic
- April 28–30, 2005, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, “Seeing, Understanding, Learning in the Mobile Age”. Paper: “From Chalk to Silicon: Towards a New Society of Learning”
- 3-6 semptember 2003, “The Good, The Bad and The Irrelevant conference”. Paper : “Communication Net Identity”
Teaching Activities
- Since 2006 teaching in the Sociology of Communication and Public Relations at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures
- Since 2005 tenure of Sociology at the Interdiocesan Seminary in Pagnacco (Ud)
- 2006: Communicating innovation modules with advanced training course (FVG Region, University of Udine, Trieste and ISAS)
- 2002-2005: tenure of Web Usability at the University of Trieste
- 2004-2008: coordination and teaching in the athenaeum of Udine “Communication”
At all 43 publications, on educational topics:
STRIZZOLO N (2007). “Motivazioni e media nell’e-Learning” (Translated: “Motivations, and average result within e-Learning”). In: PIROMALLO GAMBARDELLA, A., LANDO, A., SALZANO. (editors). “Significazione, comunicazione. Protagonisti sociali dei media di massa e dei nuovi media” (Meaning, and Communication. Social protagonists within mass media and new media). ISBN: 978-88-89480-74-8
STRIZZOLO N (2006). “Dal gesso al silicio: verso una nuova società della formazione. Riflessioni di sociologia della comunicazione e dell’educazione su esperienze di formazione a distanza” (“From chalk to silicon. Towards a new society of learning. Thoughts of Sociology of Communication and of Education about distance learning experiences”). In: GRANGE T., ONORATI M.G. (editors). “La sfida della comunicazione all’educazione. Prospettive di Media Education” (“Communication Challenge to Education. Perspectives of Media Education”) ISBN: 9788846474223
STRIZZOLO N (2006). “Pensare sociologicamente l’interculturalità per progettare la pace attraverso la comunicazione e l’educazione”. (“Thinking sociologically the interculturality and designing the peace through the Communication and the Education”) In: PISTOLATO F- (editor). Per un idea di Pace. ISBN: 8871788303
STRIZZOLO N (2005). “From chalk to silicon. Towards a new society of learning”. In: “Seeing, Understanding, Learning”. Budapest, April 28–30, 2005
STRIZZOLO N (2004). “Le nuove tecnologie dell’informazione e della comunicazione nei processi formativi per gli adulti Il caso del Friuli Venezia Giulia”. (“The ICT within the learning processes
for adults”) RIFORMA E DIDATTICA (Reform and didactic), vol. Marzo/Aprile, 2, ISSN: 1128-9031
STRIZZOLO N (2004). “Un’esperienza didattica all’insegna della multiculturalità”. (“A didactical experience through the multiculturality”) RIFORMA E DIDATTICA (Reform and didactic), vol. Settembre/Ottobre, 4, ISSN: 1128-9031
STRIZZOLO N (2004). “Insegnare è comunicare anche a distanza” (“Teaching is communication, even at a distance”) In: TELLIA B. (editor). “E-learning: strumenti e modelli per la formazione” (“E-learning: tools and models for the training)”. UDINE:Forum Editrice Universitaria Udinese, ISBN: 978-88-8420-181-2
STRIZZOLO N (2003). “Insegnare la comunicazione Il problema della comunicazione pubblica per i gli immigrati Verso un’ipotesi didattica dell’intervista”. (“Teaching the Communication. The question of public Communication for the immigrates. Didactic Hypothesis on Interviews applications”) RIFORMA E DIDATTICA (Reform and didactic), vol. Novembre/Dicembre, 5, ISSN: 1128-9031
STRIZZOLO N (2003). Parte seconda (Second part). In: TELLIA, B., MELCHIOR, C., STRIZZOLO. N., M. ZANON F. A CURA DI. “Il progetto N.O.T.E. e l’esperienza di formazione a distanza Valutazione e prospettive dell’e-learning”. (“New Technological opportunities in employment – NOTE – project and the distance training experience. Evaluation e perspectives of e-learning”). TRIESTE: Area of Science Park